Best Medical Microbiologist in Mandi Bahauddin Mian Muhammad Saeed (PHD)

Mian Muhammad Saeed First Medical Microbiologist, Pioneer in the field of Medical Microbiology In District Mandi Bahauddin |Serving as Medical Microbiologist in Mandi Bahauddin

Best Medical Microbiologist in Mandi Bahauddin Mian Muhammad Saeed PhD

What does a Medical Microbiologist do ?

A Medical Microbiologist support and assist clinicians in prevention, timely diagnosis and accurate treatment of illnesses caused by different microorganism i.e bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites etc. A Medical Microbiologist by virtue of his scientific expertise and use of medical lab equipment, finds and suggests the best treatment options for particular infectious diseases and monitor patients outcomes. A Medical Microbiologist monitor the evolution of disease patterns and trends for their treatment options. Moreover microbiologist also identify potential health risks for public , he is expert in community education and designing of health strategies  to prevent and control outbreaks.

What is Medical Microbiology | Who is the Best Medical Microbiologist in Mandi Bahauddin?

Medical Microbiology is concerned with awareness |prevention |treatment and diagnosis of infectious diseases i.e Covid |Typhoid | Dengue | AIDS |Hepatitis | Malaria | Pneumonia | TB etc . Mian Muhammad Saeed is Best Medical Microbiologist in Mandi Bahauddin delivering state of the art accurate & reliable diagnostic services | Serving as Consultant for Physicians/Surgeons in District Mandi Bahauddin

Why Mian Muhammad Saeed is famous | Best Medical Microbiologist in Mandi Bahauddin.

Mian Muhammad Saeed is Best Graduate of Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore | AIMC| Gold Medalist | University of Health Sciences Lahore |UHS| His Post graduation research work was acknowledged by CEO National Institute of Health Pakistan | Major General Professor Dr. Aamir Ikram | and International Scientists from Quadram Research Institute England | London| He published first report on | Emergence of Extensive Drug Resistance & Best Treatment Options for Typhoid Fever  in Punjab Pakistan | His research was published in International well reputed impact factor journals.

Along this Mian Muhammad Saeed is renowned research scientist in laboratory medicine community. He published more than 70 research articles in national and international journals | During PhD| Mian Muhammad Saeed Worked on very rare bacterial pathogens and again reported the outbreak of highly drug resistant pathogenic strains among patients admitted in ICUs in Punjab

Why a Best Medical Microbiologist | Need of the hour in District Mandi Bahauddin

After completion of his post-graduation | Mian Muhammad Saeed decided to serve in remote areas, and joined District Head Quarter Hospital Mandi Bahauddin. District Mandi Bahauddin is holding a sum of 1.8 million population |Due to non-availability of diagnostic Medical Microbiological services and lack of public awareness, Medical Microbiology was least considered option in Mandi Bahauddin. Majority of the infectious disease patients were being treated on | hit and trial basis | resulting not only wastage of money and time but also undue delay in the cure of disease.

Journey of Best Medical Microbiologist in Mandi Bahauddin | Mian Muhammad Saeed

So realizing the dire need of Medical Microbiology services in Mandi Bahauddin, Mian Muhammad Saeed decided to establish state of the art Medical Microbiology laboratory setup in Makhdoom Diagnostic Centre Mandi Bahauddin in order to facilitate patient and clinicians in term of timely accurate diagnosis and precise treatment.

For said purpose,  from basic diagnostic microbiology to specialized microbiological investigations were introduced, by using state of the art latest microbiological equipment i.e Bactalert Automated Blood Culture System | Chemiluminescence principled robotic technologies for the detection of infectious markers i.e | HCV | HIV | HBV | Syphilis etc. with the edition of unique services and significant support to physicians/surgeons Makhdoom Diagnostic Centre established the impact of | Most Trusted Diagnostic Facility | of the District Mandi Bahauddin. Makhdoom Diagnostic Centre is first and only Punjab health care commission licensed diagnostic facility of the district with ISO 9001-2015 working environment

Impact of Best Medical Microbiologist in Mandi Bahauddin

Mian Muhammad Saeed worked day and night for provision of Best Medical Microbiology diagnostic services and also for awareness of clinicians regarding vital role of Medical Microbiology in diagnosis of infectious diseases. By the grace of almighty Allah the campaign turned to b a |Story of Success |  and now majority of physicians/surgeon they are utilizing the services of Makhdoom Diagnostic Centre for accurate diagnosis of infectious diseases patients thus saving time and money of the patients.

Mian Muhammad Saeed remains in contact with referring physicians/surgeons’ for each and every case and offer best input regarding treatment options. Mian Muhammad Saeed paid a very positive and pivotal role as Best Medical Microbiologist in Mandi Bahauddin, during any outbreak especially covid era.