About MDC- Who we are

about us

Makhdoom Diagnostic Centre-MDC (Makhdoom Lab) is well-known & recognized one and only licensed diagnostic facility in the whole district Mandi Bahauddin, providing all diagnostic facilities under one roof, equipped with state of the art pathology lab, blood bank and radiology equipments.

MDC is honored to be the

  • First and only lab Licensed with Punjab Health Care Commission -PHC
  • First and only lab ISO 9001 – 2015 certified,
  • First and only lab certified by National External Quality Assurance program -NEQAPP by Armed Force Institute of Pathology- AFIP,
  • First and only full fledge blood bank facility licensed by Punjab Blood Transfusion Authority-PBTA
  • Certified by Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority-PNRA

Exceptional Patient Service

  • Our staff is trained to treat all our clients respectfully and courteously and every effort is made to provide reports quickly and easily through SMS and Whatsapp.
  • We care about helping patients and physicians and we use our knowledge of laboratory medicine to help identify the right course of action in order to achieve better health care outcomes.
  • Our test results are used by healthcare professionals to assess the individual patient needs and identify effective treatments. We are also providing FREE Home Sample Collection Services at your doorsteps.
  • State of The Art Machinery we use top of the line analyzers from leading international brands such Beckman (USA) Thermo Fisher Scientific (Germany), Sysmex (Japan) and Mindray Becton Dickinson (USA). The testing reagents used are directly obtained from the manufacturers and daily Quality Control is part of our ethos.
  • Our advance technologies allows us to complete most of the tests within hours instead of days & weeks
  • Makhdoom Diagnostic Centre-MDC pledges to continually provide clients a wide range of testing services which meets quality standards.
  • Customer Service is available to call/text very abnormal (Panic) test results and to ensure that queries and concerns are handled quickly and professionally.
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