Best Blood Bank in Mandi Bahauddin

Blood Bank in Mandi Bahauddin Makhdoom Diagnostic Centre-MDC Makhdoom Blood Bank is well known and well reputed facility in the whole district mandi Bahauddin providing all kind of transfusion medicine related quality services under one roof, equipped with state-of-the-art Blood bank services

blood bank Mandi Bahauddi Makhdoom lab
  • Makhdoom Blood Bank is honors to be the first and only full fledge quality blood bank facility in mandi bahauddin district,
  • Licensed with Punjab Health Care Commission – PHC
  • ISO 9001 – 2015 UKAS England Certified,
  • Certified by National External Quality Assurance Program – NEQAPP

   (Armed Force Institute of Pathology- AFIP) Pakistan

  • Licensed from Punjab Blood Transfusion Authority-PBTA

    |Makhdoom Blood Bank |is equipped with state of the art instruments, highly skilled and experienced medical professionals including Blood Transfusion Officer, Microbiologist and Medical Technologists. Very wide range of quality blood bank services are available like blood grouping, Patient and Donor blood cross match, Donor blood screening for infectious diseases, Rh Antibodies test, combs test, blood components preparation and storage facility, PCV/RCC pack cell volume/red cell concentrates, FFP fresh frozen plasma, PRP Platelets rich plasma, factor viii, cryoprecipitate,

  • Makhdoom Blood Bank, is licensed blood bank facility
  • Makhdoom Blood Bank, the only facility in mandi bahauddin district using highly sophisticated and modern high tech fully automated blood bank machinery from FDA approved CE marked renowned international companies, BIORAD USA, Beckman Coulter USA, Thermo scientific Germany, Sanyo Germany
  • These technologies are modern inventions in the field of blood banking. These machineries are mostly being used to ensure properly select, screen, collect, store and transfuse blood from donor to patients
  • Makhdoom Blood Bank, use Forword and reverse blood grouping techniques
  • Makhdoom Blood Bank, use WHO approved kits for donor blood screening (HBV, HCV, HIV, Syphilis, Malaria)
  • Makhdoom Blood Bank, offer chemiluminescence/ELISA based blood donor screening
  • Makhdoom Blood Bank, follow worldwide GOLD STANDARD GEL CARD cross matching system
  • Makhdoom Blood Bank, use FDA Approved CE marked blood bank refrigerators for blood storage
  • Makhdoom Blood Bank, have WHO approved blood bags transportation system
  • Makhdoom Blood Bank, is largest blood bank facility of the district
  • Makhdoom Blood Bank, is offering 24 hours blood bank services for emergency patients
  • Makhdoom Blood Bank, offer non donor-based blood donation to Thalassemia, cancer and dialysis patients
  • Makhdoom Blood Bank, have backup for every instrument to make sure uninterested services

Quality Assurance of Makhdoom Blood Bank

The main strength and unique feature of |Makhdoom blood Bank| is its full fledge exceptionally meticulous QC programs. Accuracy and reliability of techniques is monitored by the strict internal & external quality assurance programs like BIORAD & NEQAPP AFIP Pakistan

Despite Pakistan’s shortage of blood donors, the country suffers from a severe lack of donors regarding blood donations.  Several news reports indicate that only a relatively small percentage of Pakistanis are willing to donate blood voluntarily. Family or friends of the patient donate nearly 90% of the blood required for transfusions.
People often misunderstand blood donation due to misconceptions about it. Fortunately, an authentic blood bank in Mandi Bahauddin will enable them to donate blood to improve their health.

What is the purpose of your blood donation?

It is common for Pakistani patients, as well as those throughout the world, to require blood transfusions for severe liver and kidney diseases, as well as trauma victims and children with Thalassemia. Pregnant women may also require blood transfusions in the event of medical complications. Furthermore, most fatal road accident victims need blood transfusions to survive their injuries.

Things to do while donating blood

Before you visit a blood bank, it is vital that you get a good night’s sleep and do not skip any meals before you donate. You should also consume a lot of juices two days before your blood donation appointment and avoid taking blood-thinning medications, such as aspirin. When donating blood, you should wear loose, long-sleeved clothing.

It is important to drink something after giving blood. Also, please don’t get up right away after they remove the bag. Instead, keep lying for a few minutes to prevent dizziness. Blood donors must consume plenty of fluids and refrain from physical activity for at least 5 to 6 hours. They should also refrain from driving or smoking for 2 hours.

Makhdoom Diagnostic Centre Blood Bank in Mandi Bahauddin

The Makhdoom Diagnostic Centre is the most authentic blood bank in Mandi Bahauddin and one of the region’s most popular blood banks. To manage this blood donation centre in Mandi Bahauddin, a team of medical professionals ensures that blood-handling practices are maintained. In hospitals, clinics, and blood banks, it is made sure that blood donations take place in the presence of medical personnel.

Makhdoom Lab’s Mission

Providing preventative and curative rehabilitation medical services and health education in a professional environment & at a price the community can afford is the organization’s mission. Dedicated to continuous quality improvement, they have a dedicated team committed to complying with all applicable legal & other requirements and ensuring that all activities are carried out in an environment conducive to quality improvement.