Best Pathologist in Mandi Bahauddin - Dr. Tariq Mahmood Makhdoom

Dr. Tariq Mahmood Makhdoom is one of the best Pathologist in Mandi Bahauddin. Pathology is the study of disease in its simplest and most accurate form. In addition to being the basis of all clinical medicine, pathology is also considered the science of disease.

best pathologist in mandi bahauddin dr tariq mahmood makhdoom

Dr. Tariq Mahmood Makhdoom | first clinical pathologist of the district | Pioneer in the field of laboratory medicine | Serving as Pathologist in Mandi Bahauddin | Since 2005.

What Does a Pathologist do?

A pathologist is a physician who diagnoses your disease timely & accurately intended to assist your clinician in managing the patient effectively thus saving your time & money. A pathologist uses different body specimens like blood urine stool other body fluids and surgical tissues & perform laboratory tests to diagnose the diseases and monitor treatment outcomes.

What is pathology & Who is the Best Pathologist in Mandi Bahauddin?

Pathology is the study of disease which includes various departments & involves micro technicalities requiring diverse expertise & high end skills. Dr Tariq Mahmood Makhdoom is delivering accurate & reliable laboratory services as best pathologist in Mandi Bahauddin.

Why Dr. Tariq Mahmood Makhdoom is Famous Best Pathologist in Mandi Bahauddin

Dr Tariq Makhdoom is a gradute of Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore (AIMC) and completed his post graduate training at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) under the supervision of renowned pathologist of the country.

Why a Best Pathologist Was Need of the District Mandi Bahauddin

After completion of his post-graduation in 2005, Dr Tariq Mahmood Makhdoom decided to serve his people in his hometown and joined as first pathologist at District Head Quarter Hospital mandi bahauddin. At that particular time, due to non-availability of quality diagnostic services and lack of public awareness, lab medicine was the least considered option in mandi bahauddin. Majority of the cases were being treated on hit and trial basis resulting not only wastage of money and time but also under delay in the cure of disease.

Journey of Best Pathologist in Mandi Bahauddin | Dr Tariq Mahmood Makhdoom

So keeping in view the situation, Dr Tariq makhdoom decided to work for revival of the health system in mandi bahauddin by adding quality diagnostic services in order to ensure provision of standard patient care in mandi bahauddin and surrounding vicinity, in order to materialize the idea Makhdoom Lab was established with a mission of commitment to provide timely diagnostic services with quality economy and reliability & became the best trusted diagnostic facility in Mandi Bahauddin.

Role of Best Pathologist in Mandi Bahauddin

Dr Tariq Makhdoom worked hard both in providing quality diagnostic services and also creating public awareness and orientation regarding usefulness and important role of diagnostic lab in the field of lab medicine. By the grace of almighty Allah , makhdoom lab kept on improving its services from time to time compatible with latest technology and highly skilled professionals human resource. Later on with addition of blood bank radiology and ECG centre, Makhdoom Lab emerged as best laboratory